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InSync designs, produces and develops products that ensure video content looks its best in any workflow, anywhere in the world. Since inception in 2003, InSync has specialised in the development of highly efficient signal processing hardware and software products, with a focus on motion compensated frame rate and format conversion (standards converters). By continually refreshing our skills and product offerings, InSync is at the forefront of innovation, with technology development in 8K, HDR and cloud-based conversion solutions.


InSync marks major milestone with gold standard attention to detail

3rd February 2023
20th anniversary sees unprecedented quality advances in format and frame rate conversion, and software ported to ARM.

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21st January 2022
InSync Technology; the frame rate conversion experts, today announced a new Managing Director. James Taylor, is to step into the role of Managing Director. He will succeed current MD Paola Hobson, who is moving to the role of Product Manager.
14th January 2022
Motion compensated frame rate conversion sounds like it might be complicated. However, the best frame rate conversion is based on strong scientific principles, where tried and trusted algorithms continue to be improved upon through technical innovation and rigorous testing. In this White Paper, we'll talk about the science and explain why not all converters are the same.
10th December 2021
Telestream and InSync Technology launch FrameFormer within Vantage Flip64, Telestream's world-class workflow solution. Seamlessly add frame rate conversion to your workflow. Using FrameFormer in Telestream Vantage means you don't have to take your content to the converter - it's available to you wherever you are.
2nd December 2021
Paola Hobson, product manager at InSync Technology gives a detailed and thorough explanation of one of the industry's most crucial foundations, cadence. In the first part of two white papers, Paola establishes the terminology associated with video cadence and points out some of the areas in which special care is needed in video processing.
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InSync Technology is a successful and growing employee-owned business. Since our inception in 2003, InSync has specialised in development of highly efficient signal processing and standards conversion products, with a focus on motion compensated frame rate conversion