13th July 2020
Click here to view the recent IABM webinar on "Monetising Content Archives" - including Paola Hobson of InSync Technology discussing the merits of cloud based standards conversion.
1st July 2020
Want to see more? We conclude the video overview of Flics Solo FF turnkey software encoding and conversion application. Part 2 is in our video section
30th June 2020
How do you fill your schedules when live events are cancelled? Get advice from a panel of international experts at the IABM webinar on "Monetising Content Archives".  Register here  |  Download programme
23rd June 2020
Looking for turnkey software for motion compensated frame rate conversion? See how to automate all your conversion, encoding and content packaging needs with Flics Solo FF. Part 1 is in our video section
2nd June 2020
Paola Hobson from InSync will moderate a panel of experts who will look at moving from the idea to a viable market proposition, and what makes a successful technology partnership?  Click for more details
11th May 2020
Ben Dales from the IABM recently caught up with Paola Hobson to discuss the arrival of Live UHD standards conversion in the cloud. What about quality? Is latency an issue? Is it expensive? Click for video
24th March 2020
Paola Hobson takes on the subject of cadence and why it is so important - if you want to maintain the quality of your content through the various stages of production and delivery. View on Linkedin
6th March 2020
InSync is proud to be amongst a community of industry leaders committed to the delivery of  secure, high quality, and low latency video across the internet.

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