8th December 2020
Multiple HDR standards are now in use, along with BT.2020 colour space, so what happens when content needs standards conversion for international distribution or integration into local programming?
8th December 2020
The availability of cloud services has released broadcasters from the shackles of inflexible and costly capex-based infrastructures. They can now choose the cloud to host their operations or access third-party media services.
1st October 2020
“For an internationally renowned sports organisation, Visuals Switzerland was confident in combining InSync’s FrameFormer engine with market leaders in MAM customisation IMC...., it’s no surprise the conversion quality is second to none!” Peter Sullivan–  Visuals Switzerland
11th September 2020
CG-Portable-A is the latest version of  a small, lightweight unit which can generate captions and overlay logos onto video streams.   Designed and manufactured by InSync Technology for exclusive distribution by FOR-A, it is ideal for use as a portable graphics generator for insertion into TV programmes and other video productions.

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