Ask the expert

Video technology is moving at an accelerating pace — so it’s not always easy to know what solutions to invest in. In our “Ask the Expert” series, our industry-leading professionals demystify video conversion technologies, and explain the essentials of the latest developments.

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Ask the expert – Chris Chinnock

In this interview, Chris Chinnock, Executive President of the 8K Association, discusses the benefits of 8K production, and brings us up-to-date with the latest in the 8K industry.

Ask the expert – Dave Euson

In this interview, Dave Euson, Technical Account Manager at Dalet, explains just how easy it is to migrate your workflow to the cloud.

Ask the expert – Bruce Devlin

Bruce Devlin, Founder and CEO of MrMXF and SMPTE Standards Vice Chair, describes the changing landscape of the content industry, and explains how content internationalisation is essential for any media service.

Expert transcripts and notes