Product design & IP

Complete product design

InSync offers a comprehensive range of design services, specialising in products for the broadcast industry. Our extensive experience and wide range of proprietary IP enable us to rapidly take a design from concept to manufacture.

As an established broadcast electronics design company, InSync has the capability to specify, design, manufacture and test complete high-specification products and provide on-going support to OEM clients. InSync creates value by enabling clients to expand their product ranges rapidly whilst maintaining tight control over technical performance, quality, ergonomics and interfaces.

The service model is flexible to suit the clients’ preferences and may range from adhering to a detailed client requirement to InSync generating a complete original product specification in addition to subsequent product development. Under all circumstances the products will be prototyped and CE qualified by InSync. Production manufacture may be undertaken by InSync or transferred to the clients’ manufacturing facility.

InSync services include:
Sub assembly and board level design

InSync will also undertake the design and manufacture of sub-assemblies for integration into clients’ products. 

Past examples include:

  • Modular card families for proprietary broadcast rack systems
  • Interface and conversion cards for OEM products
  • Reference board designs for device manufacturers
  • Video & audio pre-processing for ingest servers
IP core licensing

InSync Technology’s intellectual property is available for licensing as IP cores for Xilinx and Intel FPGAs.  Cores are available for very high quality deinterlacing, scaling and frame rate conversion of video signals.  This includes InSync’s proprietary motion processing which provides exceptional quality results in both format and frame rate conversion.  

In our most recent project, InSync supplied a fully documented deinterlacing core to EVS, which was delivered as a Quartus exported partition file targeting an Intel Arria V device.

Throughout the design process the design team will work closely with the clients’ Product Management team to ensure on-time delivery, technical support and feature updates.

InSync’s extensive familiarity with control solutions enables us to quickly and efficiently integrate with proprietary backplane systems or sub-assembly control architectures.