Software Technology Partners

InSync has engaged with a number of software partners to integrate its FrameFormer software conversion technology. The list is continually growing so please revisit for current status.

These include:

Hardware Technology Partners

Today, InSync delivers Hardware products via OEM partners.  In some cases, this results in “white label” integrations which are confidential in their nature. 

A good example of InSync hardware supplied for exclusive distribution is the MCC-4K motion compensated standards converter. This is developed for the FOR-A company of Japan.


InSync is an active and contributing member of the following industry bodies:


IABM is the international trade association for suppliers of broadcast and media technology. IABM facilitates the important networking and interaction between suppliers that shape and define the unique ecosystem of the broadcast and media technology industry.


The worldwide ecosystem of HDMI-connected devices and solutions includes a network of licensed HDMI Adopters, authorized test centres, authorized test equipment manufacturers, manufacturers, resellers and installers.

Digital Production Partnership

The DPP is the media industry’s business network. We’re a membership organisation that uniquely brings together over 400 companies spanning the whole content supply chain. From production and post production to broadcasters and online platforms, as well as service providers and technology companies, from global giants to exciting new start-ups.

SRT Alliance

The SRT open source project, driven by the SRT Alliance, is a collaborative community of industry leaders and developers striving to achieve lower latency internet video transport by continuously improving open-source SRT.