Powerful 8K frame synchroniser with colour correction

The IF8K-FSCC synchronizes full 8K video with both 12G-SDI and 3G-SDI signals. Asynchronous input of quad-link 12G-SDI (12G-SDI x 4) or 16 link 3G-SDI (3G-SDI x 16) for 8K can be synchronized by the external reference input and output with quad-link 12G-SDI. It is designed and manufactured by InSync Technology for exclusive distribution by FOR-A.

The IF8K-FSCC is an ideal solution for 8K synchronisation and colour correction.  It’s especially valuable where perfect synchronisation without audio disturbance is needed in live 8K productions.

IF8K-FSCC features:

  • Video signal processing of the luminance level, chroma level, chroma phase, and black level
  • Colour corrector to set white balance, black balance, and color gamut
  • Horizontal/vertical phase adjustment by the external reference input
  • Additional audio delay for upstream or downstream equipment for each audio channel
  • MADI audio input/output interface
  • Optional remote control via IF8K-REMOTE