FrameFormer SaaS

FrameFormer services on demand

Software as a service (SaaS) allows media organisations to consume services on demand – without the need for a large initial capital outlay and subsequent support costs. Typically most providers will offer services packages as a monthly subscription and based on a required consumption level.

Video conversion fits perfectly into this model.  Find out more in our FrameFormer SaaS summary.


If you are looking to convert your content by using an on demand service or integrate a SaaS conversion service into your existing content/workflow management platform please contact one of InSync’s integration partners.

AWS MediaConvert





FrameFormer within AWS Elemental MediaConvert





FrameFormer within Dalet Amberfin





FrameFormer in Hiscale FLICS

For more information about using FrameFormer in a SaaS solution, please see our product brochures below